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Whenever there is a problem or repair in the Home appliance of the household, the common queries put forth are the following:

Q 1.Whom should I call/contact when there is a problem with my appliance?

Ans: You can call the manufacturers repair service team, and put in front of them your problem; they will reply you and contact you instantly.

Q2. Can I do the repair on my own?

Ans: This is a most common question, you can check the wiring and the plugging on your own, but should not dissemble the full appliance; it can complicate the matter further.

Q3. What benefits will I get if I call upon the appliance service repair team?


  1. This is a unique service segment of the manufacturers solely dedicated for the purpose of repairing their branded products. The technicians are thoroughly trained and can get your repair fixed at the earliest.
  2. You needn’t take your appliance anywhere, the service team will come down to your house and try to fix the repair then and there itself, and in case it is not possible they will take it, repair it and deliver back the same to you at your house without charging anything extra.
  3. They will also take the duty to service your appliance yearly or whenever needed as per the terms and conditions.

Q4. Does the service company replace broken appliances?

Ans: Yes, the company will replace the broken appliances, if it is covered under the warranty and replacement plan. If it is not covered, the company will provide the spare parts that are original and genuine at an affordable cost.

Q5. When do I need to pay?

Ans: You can pay the whole amount after the repairing is completely done and after you have checked up the appliances. The repair company will not ask for any advance, or anything so you needn’t worry of being charged extra. Once you are fully satisfied with your appliance’s functioning you can pay the technicians their charges.

Q6. From where can I get the contact details of the appliance service company?

Ans: You can see in the bill of the appliance, make an online research and get the full contact details of the appliance repair company.

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